“When” is the most common and important regulator in business. Who, what, why, etc. are important but if you don’t know “when” the who, what, why are involved you inevitably have nothing. They don’t show up, it doesn’t get done, and you don’t know why.

In marketing “when” becomes the most important parameter because, as I mentioned in my previous post (Timing is everything), you want to make sure your campaign hits the audience at the right time, with the right message. This speaks deeply to marketing operations and strong processes.

Most marketers don’t think about marketing operations that much; it’s just a means to an end, but with the complexity of new channels and platforms used to execute, marketing operations can no longer be just the means to an end. I’ve seen great creative fail because of poor execution, and who hasn’t had a marketing project flounder because the visionary idea had very complex interactions with new media and platforms.

Marketers that come from a production background and have kept up with all the new media channels, understanding how the work, and using them as well, are your best bet for making sure “when?” is a parameter you can answer.


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