Whether it’s that job opportunity, by chance meeting someone famous, or just catching the earlier commuter because you were there at the right moment, timing is everything. This holds true for content marketing and sales as well.

I recently received via email, an announcement. It read:

“Company A earns XYZ Award!”

It was a press release delivered via email. My internal dialog was, “who cares?” I didn’t and don’t days later. Their award has no relevance to me and especially in where I am in the sales funnel with this company – at the very top, not even tipping in.

So I really could care less about the company and this self-promotion is just clutter. BUT, if I was deeper in the funnel, starting to think about a vendor to buy from, this award announcement would be very relevant to my buying decision. It would solidify that I’m making a good choice and provide that 3rd party credibility we all seek when making a purchase.

The timing of the delivery of this announcement is everything. What you say and when you say it to a client or prospect is a big factor in how useful that information is to them. Think about the information you want to deliver and when it should be delivered. Is the information best suited at the beginning of the funnel, the middle or the end?

Knowing this will help you be more relevant and be “johnny-on-the-spot.”



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