eric webb, cirewebb

Brands are built by the buyers of your product

Developing a brand to such a point that it immediately evokes an emotional association and understanding is very hard, can take decades, and should involve your audience. One of the biggest mistakes companies make is forgetting about the client or consumer tied to your brand. Many executives talk about developing messaging and visuals but never think to ask the very people that they want to use their product or service.

Especially in today’s world of instant on, and constant access, consumers/clients shape our brands. They change perceptions and meanings of a brand or a message with a tweet, a chat or a blog post. So it’s a mistake to think you can develop a brand without engaging the very users of your product or service.

I’ve worked with a variety of brands, both corporate and product, in my career and it’s interesting to see how many executives go about brand-building. They will infer, surmise, and assume they know their audience well enough to speak for them. Others are politically driven. It’s brand building by consensus. Put all the stake-holders in a room and they discuss it from their point of view (never once considering the buyer’s view).

Most organizations that fall victim this type of thinking, don’t truly understand the power and investment they have in their brand. And likely don’t understand the investment their audience has in it either.


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