I’m in the throws of dealing with Salesforce.com customer support. Like many large organizations they have created a very specific way for dealing with their clients. It’s efficient, focuses resources where needed and directs their customer support difinitively. These can be good things until they neglect to take into account the individual nature of the problem and the fact that they created it.

In this case, and in other instances, Salesforce’s own actions, created the problem, leaving clients, like me, with the destruction they created. Unfortunately, this is where common sense disappears and our status as a “non-premier client” forces their customer support to negate Salesforce’s actions and just explain they can’t help us – that it’s our problem.

Many large organizations do this. They create the problem and then expect you to pay up to have it solved. Think about the TSA. They create the most laborious and painful screening process and then create the special pre-check line. You have to pay extra for it. Never mind that maybe they could offer Pre-check as the new and improved system for everyone – at no cost! I’m already paying for it with my taxes. Why do I have to pay more?

Instead of “Good, Better, Best,” (Yes, I sold Sears paints to work through college), “Worst, Poor, Average” seems to be the new order of the day. Doesn’t quite roll off the tongue.

The policy of following the script, don’t think for yourself, just move them along is an outdated mode of thinking. The clues to understanding if a vendor you work with is moving in this direction is when you start hearing them say “we,” “us” and “they (as in “they won’t let us”).

So their solution for the fix was to have me become a premium member for just $40k to $70k! That seemed to benefit them more than me; especially since “they” didn’t seem to grasp what the problem was nor admit to causing it (another common response). But when you have 300 Salesforce.com license holders breathing down your neck, it can appear as the only solution. So I called out to my network for help and within an hour a consultant fixed it at NO cost!

Days of anxiety, and my Salesforce.com administrator about to pull her hair out over being held hostage with a $40k supposed fix, erased by a contact of years gone by. And that contact used words like you, my pleasure and not a problem. #salesforce


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