eric webb, kaplooy

How high? from drawcaption.com

There are different levels of service. One of them is not to question why a client asks you to do something a certain way but to just do whatever you can to get it done. That’s the “if I say jump, you ask how high?”

It’s a superior and inferior relationship. Many so-called advisers are reactionary this way with their clients. They think that by just mindlessly doing what the client wants they are a great provider. A client may be very satisfied with the outcome, but if you are paid to advise, then you are not providing value, because they can likely get almost anyone else to get it done. You are a reliable provider.

The other pitfall with this level of servitude is that you will likely hit a point where you can’t jump high enough. And the fear of not getting it done one time eats at you.

Finally, the cost of “how high?” is your reputation. You may think you are a great adviser and receive praise for getting it done, but you are just a tactician. Nothing wrong with being a tactician, except you can’t bill yourself as a strategic adviser. You many think you have mutual respect, but you don’t.

If you are a strategic advise

r in any role and all you can do is ask “how high?” then the cost of “how high?” is the loss of reputation, trust and the true value of what yo can bring to the table.


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