Content strategy , as traditionalists think of it, tend to build a strategy around a brand message and getting placed in big media. What I’ve noticed from our website visit reports is that this strategy creates an immediate increase in site visitors that quickly disappears. This is a success in many circles but a newer strategy is to get your content closer to the audience, which means more of a 1:1 distribution.

That means you can’t just stop at  placements in big media, controlled interviews and anything that keeps your content from getting to those that most want it, from those they trust the most. That’s where content strategy really should have impact. Any editor or media that is likely to edit, summarize or change your content isn’t the optimal way to leverage your content. Those that have the need to know what you know, want it unfiltered and straight from the source. Big media placements can’t do that and don’t allow for the detail readers require to educate themselves.

The same content will have maximum impact and broader distribution from your network sharing it directly with their network. While media placements can jump-start your effort, I’ve seen the 1:1 distribution produce more visits over the long tail as well as more engagement. Social media distribution has a level of impact that big media placements can’t; mainly, the capability to engage with the author and experts directly at the time they are engaging with the content.

Ultimately,the closer the content gets to the intended person, unfiltered, the better the strategy.


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