I grew up thinking that Tequila was for margaritas on the beach, or shots. It wasn’t something you savored but swallowed down to get an immediate rush. It seems there are many marketing tactics thought to be one ingredient in a campaign and thus rushed to use without taking the time to understand the flavor.

Sipping tequila, good tequila, tantalizes the palate and really let’s you enjoy the unique flavor of the agave plant and the brands that make them. I’m partial to Don Julio Anejo, but Patron is also a favorite. As part of a margarita or other cocktail, the strength of these brands can add to the blend, but can also, as I prefer, be enjoyed one sip at a time. Inside sales is much the same.

You can use inside sales as a tactic within a larger campaign, or as the one tactic. The difference is that most marketers don’t take the time to create this asset correctly. They rush the process with little direction and just a list; “start calling these attendees.” The strength of insides sales, is understanding the ingredients of a good conversation. One that will be relevant to the person calling and the person being called. Not taking the time to develop the unique “flavor” of inside sales is a detriment to your brand and a poor experience for your market.

Next time you decide to leverage inside sales, sit back and take a sip, enjoy what the conversation might be; and then build it with their input. Whether you blend it in a campaign or go “neat,” you will find taking that sip pays off.


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