What is it about post-it notes and other sticky type note paper that is so powerful? I can write a note on a regular piece of paper and tape it to something, but the Post-it has the power of convenience. Breakdown the value of the Post-it and it’s about convenience and getting your attention.

The Post-it is the right size for all those notations of things you MUST do and says “LOOK NOW!” So whether you write it as a reminder for yourself, or for someone else, it immediately draws your attention. You now see similar sticky notes on newspapers, which draw your eye to a promotion or sponsor, as well as on direct mail.

Add handwriting to the note and it’s easy to think someone in your office left that post-it note on that direct mail piece that was just dropped on your desk. If you think about it, the Post-it note is the “share button” of the offline world.

It is easy, can attach to the content you want to share, and you can add a personalized note. Can you take such a simple concept and use it in your product or service? Likely. Think through the ideas of easy to use, and how to create focus of action.


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