Just as one marketer was trying to explain that their marketing plans were duplicate

Leads, strategy

Campaigns that scorch the market destroy future campaigns

and hitting the same audience, at the same time, the other proclaimed, “I don’t care! I need leads!”

And with that she stormed forward ready to burn the market just as Sherman had done in Georgia. The one big difference is that Sherman’s strategy was deliberate and well planned. In order for his troops to survive without a supply line, he and Grant meticulously planned the route based on census data from years before. He knew where he would find food and equipment for his troops. His scorched earth policy was deliberate. It would end the war sooner by destroying rail lines and cotton gins, as well as anything else that kept the south energized.

The marketer so desperate for leads, was going to follow a scorched earth policy as well. But with less deliberation. She would have inside sales cold-call every contact. Hundreds would be called at least 5 times. A small percentage would be interested, but that would be enough to appease her leaders.

Unlike Sherman’s march which gave the North a strategic and long-lasting win, her march for leads won the battle but would not win the war.


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