Many marketers feel safe at the 10,000 foot view. “Give me the 10,000 foot view,” they claim, “we don’t need to get into much detail.”  They feel safe because they understand the big picture at 10,000 feet. The problem is that at 10,000 feet you really aren’t that safe. Sure, you can uphold your strategy with an understanding of what is happening at 10,000 feet, but if red flags start popping up, you have to get in the trenches.

Many executives don’t like the trenches. Some MBA’s have never really been in the trenches. Their assignments in their career were more operational, not the nitty-gritty work that creates sales. But they got promoted any way. They lack the understanding and cause and effect of what is happening. Their strategies fall into the generally accepted and mundane efforts of theory and what they could understand at 10,000 feet.

If you really want to understand marketing, and make smarter decisions, staying at 10,000 feet is not safe. Your decisions won’t be sound, your learning weak and ultimately, your ROI unaccounted for. So the next time you hear someone wants the 10,000 foot view, realize they feel safe behind the lines and won’t really be the general with the experience that wins battles. @cirewebb #marketing



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