Marketing is one of those practices that everyone used to feel real comfortable getting their hands in. “Marketing” covers such a wide range of activities that most individuals have touched some level of marketing and for sure they’ve been touched by many layers of marketing as a consumer.

If you are not a student of marketing throughout your career, your understanding of what works and doesn’t work can become pretty stale very quickly. I’ve seen good business leaders start to fall apart in this new age of relevancy, timeliness and personalization. They’re stuck in a “push” mentality when their contacts are telling them, both overtly and passively, that they are not interested.

One thing I try to do, whenever possible, is insert those business leaders into our Contact Database so they can experience both the good and the bad of marketing. Once you are on the receiving end of a couple dozen emails that have no meaning to you, you start to realize that what you believed was the best way to engage a contact no longer fits.


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