If you read my previous post with a similar headline, I had debated whether the transparency of a blogger/poster was more important than the content they provided if it was very relevant. I felt it was not, as long as you were delivering good, educational content and just trying to help.

The debate was whether the contractor posting should overtly explain, in the name of transparency,  they are working for the organization, or whether just pointing out the relevant thought leadership without any real dialog was appropriate.

I felt that since the thought leadership is relevant, and strictly educational, the contractor is just posting a link and not pretending to be an expert on a subject and thus wouldn’t need to explain the relationship. Over a period of over 3000 posts there was never a complaint. Some sites did not accept or approve the post, but that is not unusual as many sites don’t want visitors leaving their sites either.

But transparency is key as a mandate of social media, so I thought I would further develop the test and have the contractor write “I work with XXXXXXX and there’s XYZ thought leadership on this very topic – click here to get it.”

As of right now, it hasn’t slowed down the click thru’s and the acceptance rate by site owners is the same so I’m thinking “relevancy” still is more important. People want answers and if someone, anyone, is willing to deliver it to them, they are willing to take it or at least follow a link to check it out; with the one caveat that it’s educational.

But, transparency is good. If you can satisfy both, why not.


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