I came across the headline above while on the Internet and it intrigued me, as it did millions of other people who clicked on the headline. “What, the government actually believes that a zombie apocalypse will happen?!”

No they don’t, and as you read the guide you realize that if you were to prepare for a zombie apocalypse you would be prepared for anything, especially a natural disaster, which IS likely to happen to any of us. Great headline and marketing; zombies are all the rage on TV, videos and games and it’s a great way to take something mundane that people don’t want to think about and make them click thru.

Here’s where I found the item: http://www.metro.co.uk/weird/863758-zombie-apocalypse-survival-guide-published-by-us-government

Your next question may be how I came about this article as I either had to use the keywords “Zombie,” “apocalypse,” or “survival;” all of which can be associated with a crazy perspective, but that’s another story.


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