Interruptive media, like a fishing net, seeks to troll the waters for a certain fish, but picking up hundreds of others that are not wanted at the same time. There’s an efficiency to this method, if you have a system to quickly discern which fish it is that can be thrown back. Unfortunately, marketers can’t easily spot the right catch, nor do they have that face to face view with interruptive media.

Whether email, TV ads, space or print, the broader the reach, the more like a trolling vessel your marketing is. The only thing you can do to try to qualify out the right people for the message you offer is contextual relevance. Is the content relevant to the purpose that the reader, viewer or listener has for seeing/listening/hearing your message.

The more aligned that your message is to the content and the audience’s “frame of mind” the easier it will be to gain their attention. A strong advertisement or post, placed in the wrong conversation or show dilutes the effectiveness of your marketing, that’s why contextual relevance is so important to marketing success.


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