I have conversations with many people who say they are developing a lead nurture cycle and in reality it is nothing but a series of totally separate topics sent to a person over a specific time period. As I point this out they nod in agreement and seem to understand that lead nurturing is specific to a topic, delivered based on what the reader does next and helps improve the engagement and relationship between the prospect and the company.

It creates a “sales ready” lead. Unfortunately, building a true nurture program is harder than it sounds; you have to put yourself in the prospect’s mind-set and figure out the “path,” decisions and questions that person is likely to ask as you deliver relevant information. And you have to think about what type (case study, article, progressive profiling question, etc) you are delivering to them that helps you understand where they are in the “buy cycle.”

Hard work. Work that many people don’t want to do – it’s easier to just create a series of “touches” and call it a job well done.

That is, until, you have no results. Lead nurture programs are truly the only way to get to a direct ROI to revenue generation.


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