Most people rely on formal educational programs to gain an upper-hand in the market, their career and personally. Whether it’s a university, an association, an online group such as marketing Sherpa or internal CPE, they all can supply you with great ideas and ways to learn. What most of us miss is really learning from the school of hard knocks. You are tested every time you perform a marketing activity and with access to the many platforms and expert resources we have in the marketing organization, a little before-school-chatter can propel you farther than months in a classroom. As an organization we’re running hundreds of programs every month. Taking the time to learn from all of these real world effort and optimizing what you do is a great way to move to the head of the class.

If you’re not regularly reviewing the results of the programs you run to optimize results next time, then you’re really missing the best education you can get. if you want to get to a point where you’re valued as a true advisor to the firm, you need that education and the experience in order to be believable. But you truly have to understand the results. Pull in people you know understand a particular space and ask for their review and recommendations, and collaborate more.

You have the opportunity, wherever you are, to get a great education; we have some of the most sophisticated platforms for marketing. If you pay attention to results, direct, hard-line results your education will be propelled faster. If you decide to just handle the work and not pay attention to the results or live with “soft” results to just get the job done; you can succeed, but you won’t really grow.


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