Job search via the Internet is a lazy effort at best, compared to face to face networking. This is why taking the time to search groups and organizations that can help your career is so important to find a job when you really need one.

My last three positions came about because of people I know. And my friend’s recent job loss in August was scary to her. Older, and in a city not known for professional services marketing, she did what all of us should do even when we have a job – network. She went to all relevant networking events that made sense for her, connecting with new people and reconnecting with people she hadn’t seen in quite some time.

That effort resulted in a job offer in late October. She was out of work for less than 2 months and after receiving the job offer, took a month off and cleared her mind of the full time job search. This is just one example of how networking is a good hedge against job loss or career stagnation.

You just have to network on an ongoing basis. Don’t wait for when the job you have is no longer yours.


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