If something never existed before, how would you describe it to someone that has no understanding of what you have. That’s what it’s like when describing Eloqua to senior executives. In their minds demand generation is direct mail or email. Eloqua is so much more yet you can’t go to far off their belief or it becomes this “thing” that they may not care about.

So when I describe Eloqua, I’ll use words like marketing automation, but I pick and choose the features to explain the power of the system based on the audience I am speaking with; if business developers, I emphasize lead scoring and the alerts. If I’m speaking with senior management, I discuss the tools that help accelerate sales – delivery of relevant information in a timely manner, and the measurment system that shows what works and what doesn’t.

In both cases I get to all the features, but Eloqua offers so many, you really have to take it one bite at a time and be careful what you offer up as your first explanation, lest you lose their attention.

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