Have you noticed the recent “Windows 7” ad campaign? They have an actor tell a story how they “invented’ Windows 7 because they came up with some very obvious idea that already exists on an Apple computer. It’s a little disappointing. I don’t have an Apple at this point but I’m thinking of switching.

I wouldn’t switch for some of the basic reasons that the TV spots espouse┬ábut rather to just have a system that doesn’t start slowing down and constantly need to be rebooted. I have 3 different devices that use Microsoft Windows; my cell phone, and two home computers.

I’ve noticed that the home computers, even the previous computers owned all began to have problems the minute more than 50% of the hard drive was holding files.

My cell phone turns off and on inexplicably. My work laptop is now beginning the same issue because I have only 35% of my hard drive memory left.

So has Microsoft solved this issue? I don’t know, but doubt it and I’m tiring of spending thousands of dollars over the years for a system that is built more for the developer not the final user. The ads are somewhat annoying because of this; I’m tainted I guess, but I don’t see any of their ads really dealing with the issue Microsoft suffers a lack of: elegant programming. My personal experience and the trends I’ve noticed over the years is that they just don’t care as much about the ease of use or ease of having a reliable and stable platform.

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