In an ongoing effort to help others develop a process and systems that will make your Internet marketing effort a success, I am providing you a rought outline of what we did to get our program up and running.

All paths lead to your website, so it’s time to make sure it’s as good as it can be. Start by auditing the pages, the links, 301/401 redirects, outdated content and images. You can use Hubspot’s websitegrader tool as a way to get a sense of the marketability of your website as it is now and then use this free tool as you move forward to improve your website. The tool will give you examples of where you need to concentrate effort to improve your website.

Make sure you are designing your site so visitors can easily find what they came for. Concentrate on a simple architecture and make your design simple.

Content is king. Executives leverage the internet to educate themselves so think beyond the brochureware and develop content that is useful to your audience. Place that in the higher level of your website so it’s easy to find.

Concentrate on the website and content quality for now and in my next post I will go into more detail on how to develop a process to maintain the website and and engine for developing good content.

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