Twitter clearly has advantages to get information out quickly, can drive brand awareness, and create a loyal following. There are plenty of famous CEO’s and those made famous for using Twitter. They have adhoring followers. But are we getting what we expect?

Why do we follow? Is it who the person is? What they represent? Or do they expect sage advice from the person? Are they hoping to get some insider information that will benefit them? Maybe that is the expectation, but rarely does any of it come true.

I recently saw it happen first hand. A big announcement made, and the excitment of all these click thru’s coming to the landing page from Twitter. Praise Twitter! But you look at the landing page analytics and realize 80% of these click thru’s abandon the page. Clearly, the topic was irrelevant to the audience. Or they just can’t deal with anything that’s more than 140 characters in length.

In email marketing, that 80% might consider you a spammer. So is Twitter really just creating more spammers and spammees willing to be spammed in the hope of some sage advice and secret insight that never comes true?

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