Over the past two years, I’ve spent much time planning and implementing a program for building “thought leadership.” We’ve had people develop different social media engines or begin developing websites because they want to jump on the band wagon before it leaves town. Unfortunately, these quick-up programs lack the infrastructure to make them successful.

Pulling together the right infrastructure: web team, custom content writers, demand generation, database team and our industry vertical team; a program could be developed to support the social media, gain syndication, and start to build online communities. I’m convinced you need these various components to help support and build a better Internet Strategy. The integration of these teams develops a process that can quickly react and sustain a strategy.

The custom content team help our subject matter experts develop the content and the thought leadership. Once they are done, they hand it off to the web team, which builds the website components where the content resides. They also help syndicate the content via other social sites. The demand generation team, leverages Eloqua to build a demand generation template and offer the content to clients and prospects. We’ve found this builds the most attention to the landing page where the content resides. Our vertical industry group works with specific subject matter experts to develop conversations around the content. They act as “Listeners and Handlers” of the subject matter experts, finding stories and suggesting topics.

Our database team helps with the tracking and the sales activity generated from the content. Other components include our PR engine and online advertising that help pull people towards the content.

While there are many ways to support Internet marketing and social media, you have to have a planned infrastructure to have a consistent effort that is successful.

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