With the new year here I was reminded of the best direct mail piece I ever received. It was a number 10 envelop that was personalized and handwritten in ink. But before I go further I have to tell you how I came to find it.

I came home from work to find my wife in tears holding this letter. It was a love letter to me! It came from a woman that I vaguely remembered. And as she questioned who this woman was I reviewed the letter. It sounded familiar but I couldn’t place it and started to think that I had some alternate personality. Did I have a second life that was so well hidden not even I remembered it?

Then I remembered! The love story was from a particular artist I collected, and the woman was the sales woman from the gallery. She had written the love story in the new painting (from the Coyote Series), and once I overturned the letter to reveal a copy of the print on the other side.

I started to laugh which only pissed my wife off more. I revealed the print on the other side and she turned beat red and just hugged me.

I did buy the print. If you want to see the Coyote Series by Markus Pierson just Google his name.

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