The internet makes it so easy to connect to useful information that I find myself with too many connections. And contacts! They are growing every day, even though I’m pretty selective about who I decide to make a direct contact, follow or friend.

The tools for organizing such things are amazing, but I see a day when we are “tagging” our links library to make it more searchable. There are some links I bookmark because I think it will be useful but then I look at the days later and I don’t even remember what it is. From there I will have to organize the data I use to organize the files I want to use; create a standard, a view, a perspective. Endless organization.

Ultimately we used to delete things that we of no further use, but now we don’t have to. Unfortunately, the useless items still appear there with all the useful stuff and it just makes it harder to find.

Wouldn’t it be great if I could just lose something like I could when I was a kid?

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