For the past 10 months we’ve experimented with an online golf community. It is a “closed” community – meaning – you must be invited in to participate. The goal of the community is to begin a dialog with a prospect or client through something that they enjoy.

That’s not new. Accenture, E&Y and KMPG all leverage golf professionals to try and do this. They advertise in publications and during events to make that connection and sustain their brand. But if you are not a well known brand, you can’t just connect and sustain, you have to have an impact.

This online golf community has a longer connection time than any medium I’ve worked with, and a 77% click thru rate when the prospect or client is asked to join! 15% of those that become members click thru to the our business pages and spend time there. That may not sound like a big deal, but when the average click thru rate for our “push” marketing is 3% (and that’s good), you can see why this is significant.

So how did we do it?

Unfortunately, I can’t divulge that as it’s one advantage we have right now.


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