There’s no doubt that marketing requires activity; at some point, every marketing activity boils down to a personal transaction. In professional services, that is a face to face dialog and interchange. It’s all the activity before the interchange that most professionals don’t have time for, nor are they trained to perform.

In the past, there existed very little tools that could still help a non-selling professional become a “rainmaker.” But there is now! Technology can help even the most sales adverse person become a “rainmaker.” The first step in doing this is to use Outlook or other CRM systems to your advantage.

You have to use the alerts and reminder tools in those systems to remind you that you should send a letter, pick up the phone or set a meeting. Let the system become your prompter.

Develop educational collateral, clip useful articles and use those items when you are prompted. Develop a simple “checking in” script to use when you call clients and make sure you are asking broader business questions and acting as an advisor outside of your technical expertise. These questions will help build your credibility as an advisor.

If you can afford it, develop find an automated lead nurturing system such as Vtrenz or Eloqua, even Salesforce.com has some limited lead nurturing tools. These systems monitor and track what people are downloading and doing on your website and then notify you so you can pick up the phone and have a relevant conversation or mail the person something that aligns with what they are researching.

It’s this timely and relevant connectivity that will help those that don’t like sales to become “rainmakers.” The technology can become your coach, assistant and implementer.

One thought on “Passive Marketing for Professionals

  1. Great posts. B2B marketing is undergoing technology change for the better, but it still takes good lists, creative (ideas) and content to make it work as you point out.

    Just wanted to mention a system like ActiveConversion is affordable (starts at $250/m0)and does many of the things that Eloqua does, especially around the alerts, tracking, and nurturing side. Smaller companies can now have ‘rainmaking’ capabilities too!

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