I continue to work with data base teams that were trained on Eloqua. The system has helped them become good lead management people, but they have that skill because of the technology and some of the strict guidelines we’ve developed that align with direct marketing best practices. It’s important for this group not to sit back on the succes thus far, as they are only successful because of the way the system was set up. They still need to learn the strategy of direct marketing and direct mail basics.

As we move into electronic media and even social media, everyone seems to be in awe of the these new channels or tools. I am to an extent, but it’s still about speaking to your client or customer with relevant information that they are interested in. The direct marketing industry has been doing this for decades.

Years ago we could only react to response and orders taken from our efforts, but that’s all social media and online demand generation is as well; sure it happens in “real time,” but it’s not that much different. At the end of the day, the direct marketing industry learned from what worked and recorded the strategy behind the success.

Ultimately, it still comes down to a good list, good offer and then creative last. The Eloqua system allows us to control and templatize the creative, clean the list and then it’s all up to the offer.

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