I was on our bi-weekly “power user” call, and was surprised how quickly many are moving. Power Users are the people in our company that received a 4 day training course through Eloqua and their partner Cadria.

Out of the 18 or so Power Users we trained, a good third are already asking about lead notification, and lead scoring. This is after our 3rd month of operation! I’m not sure they are ready for it and I’d prefer not to get into it until we connect to Salesforce.com but it’s great to learn how quickly they’ve moved forward and how they are “connecting the dots” to the ultimate goal of accelarating sales.

The lead scoring and alert notifications applications of Eloqua really help the business developers and our “professionals” understand what clients or prospects are interested in so they can pick up the phone have a relevant conversation (without spilling the beans that we’re monitoring them of course).

The “community of power users” is really taking jumping in, wanting more training, in many areas, not just Eloqua; copy writing, email best practices and landing pages. It’s great to see the growth of this in such a short time. Needless to say, it stretches myself and my staff because we need to feed the demand.

One thought on “Eloqua “Power Users” Now Pushing us

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