With the implementation of Eloqua, a lead management and automated nurturing system, we’ve already improved our benchmark response rate from what was an average of 1% to 3.9% overall, and regularly hitting the 5-10% response rate with our email programs.

It’s only been a couple months and the various regional teams implementing the system and using it are catching-on quickly. The lead management program has had other benefits as well:
More consistent branding as team just leverage existing templates, collaboration as teams share programs and templates, and more attention to ROI.

We put out a regular response, open, bounce-back report and the teams are now pulling their own and spending more time analyzing what they’ve done and trying to figure out what to do. Our reputational sender score went from 50 to 90! A dramatic improvement for us.

Even our national Lines of Business are concerned with delivery, content quality and click thru rate. We’re slowly moving out of the “push” marketing arena and into the segmentation and opt-in marketing.

As we start to make the connection to Salesforce.com the next step is improving our lead quality before we send it along to the business developers.

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