In an earlier post I spoke of the power of Eloqua to provide Decentralized marketing but provide centralized control. This is happening. Now I just have to make sure everyone is ready to handle losing control to the company community. I’m not sure we are.

Our most recent enewsletter went out to subscribers in two ways – via a local implementation leveraging the same system as the national implementation. It was up to the local marketing group to decide whether they wanted my team to do it or if they were going to do it. And I can see it all. I can see what when we released it and all the stats around it as well as which local groups (out of 15) have done it and their stats.

So I’m starting to transition my team away from implementing and concentrating on best practice template and program development. And that’s what I’m instructing our Line of Business dealers that they need to do as well. Empower the local managers to make the choice, just track, measure and report back to the community the best practices, what worked and what didn’t. The community will correct with the right information. There’s one thing that I wish Eloqua had, a built in community that could just be for my people. I have an extranet that does this but it sure would be nice to have it as part of the Eloqua tool set.

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