My 8 year old son came running to me this morning screaming about the Batman game he just created through one of his online gamer services he enjoys. He went into great detail about how he was able to create the whole environment, the skills of the super hero and the bad guys he was to fight. The goal was to create the game and submit it. If the company likes it they will post it. They did and he just now screamed, “six people already played my game!”

If that doesn’t show how a company leverages the community to keep these kids coming back, I’m not sure what does. Imagine, not having to worry so much about creating many games, just hand over the tools and let the users do it – it’s free labor!

More companies need to think in these terms – create the tools that your customers or clients can use to achieve their goals and you will have success.


2 thoughts on “My 8 year old proves the power of the community

  1. I’ll let you know. He also uses Roblox.com which does the same thing. Those companies targeting kids no how to get them involved. Roblox is legos online. Guess what he wanted for his birthday – Lego’s. He must now have 6 sets of Star Wars legos. The Batman game creator is Cartoon Network.

    I’m thinking that much of the future will be experiential, virtual marketing and learning. I’ve been looking at developing a business platform that would allow people to learn business concepts via virtual learning games. Sim City and the like do this, but what if you could create games that teach you larger business concepts.

  2. Agreed! I learn a great deal about business and the marketplace by watching my kids, too. Another product development model you may look is the Threadless t-shirt company, who hold contests among artists for shirt designs, with cash prizes and winning shirts getting produced. All of the The company’s products are customer-developed. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Threadless

    I am currently writing about a new product development process for generating these types of successes, based on Demand Hypothesis. If you know of comparable B2B examples to the batman game or the above Threadless, I’d be interested to know of them.

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