Since we’ve implemented and trained regional staff on Eloqua we are hitting benchmark B2B averages of at least 2%. In some cases, we are hiting double digits. Is it the technology? No, the technology is facilitating a different process that is forcing better thinking around our demand generation campaigns. The platform is a collaboration point where all regions can see what is working and what is not.

The reality is that it’s never beeen about the technology this past decade. It’s direct marketing as it has always been, but the technology just gives you more insight. Understand direct marketing best practices is key.

What the technology does is provide results in real time or almost real time, and that’s what is exciting. We can actually roll this out by region and have improved programs throughout the week as we roll across the nation.

2 thoughts on “Eloqua Lead Management and Automation Improving Response Rates

  1. Hey Eric,

    Good observation about the impact of technology, though I think it’s a little more than just a platform as you describe it. If used properly, it can actually enable new processes, not just point out which tactics are better than others. Companies can test messages, nuturing and recycling programs, special programs, react to behaviors and use patterns, a variety of new approaches that they couldn’t without the technology. Just curious, what percentage of the total Eloqua features and functions you think you are making use of? From what I’ve heard, the percentage is usually less than 50%. What’s your take?

    Alden Cushman

    • We’re early in the usage of Eloqua. We just implemented and trained 18 people from around the country in January. I agree with you that a platform with process can alter behavior, educate, and align the company to a specific course of action. We are experiencing that already. Our marketing directors are jumping on board, sharing programs and templates, collaborating, and already thinking more about the strategy of a program instead of just pushing emails.

      We are probably only using about 30%, but for a company that is service oriented and built on reputation, a system like this aligns to the way our partners work. So I feel we will use the full breadth of the system. We are already making connections to go more electronic and use Print on Demand instead of printing in bulk. I have a demand generation team that only concentrates on improving efficiency, best practices and creating savings through the system. So I’m confident we’ll maximize this tool.

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