With the implementation of a lead management and nurturing system, the vision for providing a centralized tool to show transparency in the marketing system while allowing local marketing efforts to become more effective is happening. Our new system is already developing results in saving time, resources and money.

Different regions are leveraging programs developed by someone else and implementing them locally. Better still, the regions are working together, taking on a specific task within the whole campaign development; whether it’s pooling the lists, developing the creative or the automated program, our local markets are working together within a production line, moving faster and more effeciently, and then letting the system run. I and they can monitor all that activity, see the results, provide advice in real time and encourage them to try new features of the system. At times I’ve even inserted a consultant to help with the particular marketing effort.

Response rates are improving, time frames are faster and I expect once we connect to our CRM, sales will accelerate.

No longer do National marketing and local marketing have to be blind to eachother’s activity, this system opens up a world of real time collaboration, measurement and reaction like never before. I expect sales to increase by 30-50% in 6 months.

2 thoughts on “Decentralize Marketing Implementation While Maintaining Centralized Control

  1. Eric:

    Great post – I was wondering if you could talk about the change efforts you incorporated to build the working relationship between the EUs and National Marketing?

    • The change efforts came about through the technology with the belief that if you create a standardized setting that people will align to the standardization. Most importantly, I created an incentive system of sorts. The system is free to the EU’s but they can also be banned from usage if they don’t conform to best practices. So it’s free, but you have to follow the right process. Add to that, the benefits of having centralized advisors that help develop and provide best practices within the system you get instant collaboration.

      There was also and continues to be a lot of education around what are best practices. So we don’t shove the system down anyone’s throat but convince them, through benchmarking and stats what should be done.

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