It’s interesting to look at how organizations in professional services market themselves. For decades professional services firms couldn’t market in some cases so they became complacent in learning how to really market themselves. The idea of networking was really the way professionals marketed themselves. Unfortunately, that’s not enough any more. So the next step was to develop a sales cycle and learn how to take a prospect through the sales cycle to a close.

Unfortunately the Internet has changed the sales cycle and it is really a “buy cycle.” People no longer have to pick up the phone and have a conversation with a tax expert or business consultant to learn more about potential solutions for their pain; they have the Internet and those wonderful search engines.

But we are not aligned to thier buying behavior; the idea that people take time to educate themselves about a problem, then begin to search for potential resources and finally consider vendors. The buy cycle is much longer and YOU have no control over the person educating themselves. All you can do is try to provide that education and have enough on various subjects that the contact keeps coming back. In this way you are nurturing their interest with relevant educational information and at the same time giving them a “taste” of how well you know the subject and how you solve problems.

That’s how you get them to consider you. You can’t really control it, except to get to know the market pain points and think like a school or publication and develop that content. Then make that content available. Do this and you will align to their “buy cycle” and accelerate the conversation.

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