It’s interesting to note how many practice professionals and the marketers that support them fall prey to the need to have marketing activity without strategy or measurement. I was recently approached to help a practice group rush to market with a webinar. “Because it was needed and had to get out within the month,” was the reasoning.

I asked why the rush – explained the attendance rate will drop significantly with only a month’s notice; after all don’t most of us have our calendars filled for the next month. They still debated but I would not give up. “Instead, let’s get out a quick pulse survey,” I offered. “We can do a series and use it to gain understanding of the need and then develop a webinar with white paper as an offer. This will offer better continuity in the market place and we’ll be seen several times in the market place with useful information.”

They relented. But right after that, one of my own people sends me a draft letter to be sent to post-attendees that stopped by our reception. The letter was part sales piece and part letter and had a graphic picture on it that had no  relation to the subject. And they already sent it to the practice lead!!!!

Stop the presses…no offer, no basic direct mail principles used! I had to quickly rework the letter to follow the most basic of principles and educate them about the need to engage a prospect a little at a time. Not try to push all this information about us down their throat. Engage them with relevant and impactful information and they will engage and “opt-in” to receive information.

The trash I see coming from most accounting firms is mind-boggling. Introductory letters – just throw it in the trash and save your costs for envelopes and postage. Alerts without analysis – I get that through my association already – what I want is advice and analysis from my provider. Don’t just summarize what is already out there.

Measure it! Place an offer in there to start tracking the effectiveness of your efforts. You can’t change what you never measure. The goal is to get better not just do it that way because that’s what we did before.

The point – relevant information is key in today’s relationships, and don’t push to fast, let them come to you. People hate to be sold but they love to buy.


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