So a prospect calls in, you hand it over to a partner or business developer and they tell you the person is just educating themselves at this point seeking some information. It could be months before they have a need. So what happens then? The prospect goes back into the cold lead list because that’s what they become unless you continue to nurture them along and manage the lead.

And that’s why 80% of all B2B leads in most companies go into a “black-hole.”

If you don’t figure out a way to manage those leads through the buy cycle, you will lose them; and that’s a shame when you apply the “Rule of 45.” The “Rule of 45” states (and this proven research) that 45% of the inquirers that come to your business will be within 12 months. So think about how much more revenue you’d have right now if you just had 45% of the 80% that went into that black hole.

Create relevant and timely touches after someone inquirers not just to get them to inquire. Think about it – if you don’t take care of the person trying to engage you have to work harder to attract new ones.


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