The month of November has been crazy. Now managing 5 departments, 13 people and searching to fill more FTE’s, as well as managing 67 projects, it’s been crazy. Our overhaul of our demand generation engine which included a new call center, lead management system and review and redoployment of our database is quite a workout. The Demand Generation team is doing a good job. The lead pipeline is smoothing out and the new lead nurturing system will do wonders to better segment and profile inquirers.

Our MROI tracking will also improve because of the lead management system. It’s a major undertaking with a goal of having the field up and running in January. There’s a whole lot of education required; not just on the system but on best practices in Direct Marketing.

If you are in an accounting firm, ROI is key for your marketing. Partners love numbers and it’s best to speak their language if you want to get the big initiatives implemented. If we can get the education in place and people certified in email and web based direct marketing that will be half the battle.


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