What a shame; another reactive effort is beginning to build. The downturn in the economy is generating all sorts of ideas from the operations group, our executives and people in the field. Worried about pilfering from competitors (when did that really ever end) and the need to have some sort of activity my goup is suddenly involved in developing microsites, value proposition efforts and whole new in-field marketing tools.

All in 10 days! Crazy. The strategy may be right but the rush to get it done is the mistake. We’re jumping to old habits of pushing out “initiatives” and demanding that the field implement these immediately. We’re sending out alerts because our competitors are doing so or because that’s what we did in the past.

No one is taking a stepping back to ask “did this ever work in the past? What should we do now to really make it work?” I’ve been bringing those questions up and being that my group handles much of the implementation, I’m putting in measurement systems so I can share with these “idea generators” some of the analysis of these reactive programs.

So what’s the point of all of this tirade? Every program should at least be measured in some form so that you can begin to slow down poor marketing effort and show the results the next time someone comes up with a reactive program.


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