It’s interesting to note how most accounting firms neither have a position statement in their marketing effort nor do they have value propositions. Because of this they all sound the same, look the same and reiterate the same statemens over and over.

“More breadth and depth”

“Personal attention”

“Partner time”

Put any accounting firm logo on a competitor’s ad and clients and prospects will not notice a difference. It’s amazing how the personalities of the organizations have not even been developed. Nor are there any efforts made to develop different operating standards to differentiate the service. Step one, all accounting firms need a position statement, then a value proposition that can help build out their organizational collateral and messaging.

Step 2, much of the change needs to happen withing the organization, truly defining a specific way the company will operate that is a benefit to their clients. And I don’t mean following regulatory standards – I’m talking about how you engage your clients as an advisor, thinking beyond tax and compliance issues and more about the big picture of how a company operates.

Step 3, train your people to become true business advisors and not just functional experts. Get them to read business history, watch the history channel and read about the great advisors of various times.

Once you do that you will be on your way to creating  a culture that is differrent, informed and worthwhile to clients.


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